Toddler proof a home ‘with common sense’

Toddler proof dwellings can be developed with a common-sense attitude to household dangers, one expert has claimed.

Eve Ackroyd, owner of Canadian-based store Safe and Sound Baby Proofing, was quoted by the Calgary Herald as saying: "It is not necessary to lock everything down."

However, while many parents are aware of the benefits of stair gates and socket covers, the professional noted mums and dads "overwhelmingly" fail to consider bedroom furniture.

If people were "thinking like a two-year-old", they would open up drawers and put weight on the bottom one, which makes the majority of dressers fall over, she continued.

Furthermore, children rearrange a room's furnishings in order to reach high places, so generally it is best to "move or remove a hazard", Ms Ackroyd declared.

The Children's Safety Association of Canada points out dangers exist in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, stairs, yards and garages, as well as in other locations such as pools, cars and playgrounds.

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