Baby proofing news: Group calls for warnings on slings

Baby proofing recommendations ought to be put on all child-carrying slings, a safety group is arguing.

Safekids NZ director Ann Weaver was quoted as saying by it is vital the infant is situated in such a way as to be able to breathe properly.

"It's important their head is visible, chin is up and nose and mouth is free," she declared.

People purchasing this product ought to ask for instructions and a demonstration, the news provider stated.

It argued children must be held in them in the same manner as in a parent's hands – with their back straight, their head supported and with their airway open.

Bag-style slings – or those with a shoulder strap that look like a large handbag – have also been warned against by the country's Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

Ensuring an infant's safety – which may require socket covers and a digital baby monitor – is one of the most important things parents can do, Kansas Children's Service League's Emporia office programme development manager Beverly Long recently wrote in the Emporia Gazette.

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