Baby proofing news: EU enacts balloon and whistle regulations

Baby proofing legislation relating to balloons has been released by the European Union.

The Toy Safety Directive notes that a warning must be added to the packaging stating that youngsters under the age of eight ought to be supervised when playing with these toys, a task that might be assisted with a baby safety monitor.

Furthermore, any broken balloons "should be discarded", the legislation continued, indicating supervisors may have to pick these up from the floor of a playpen.

Regulations determining noise-making toys are also detailed, stating these "should be designed and manufactured so that the sound of them is not able to impair children's hearing", the document added.

An EU representative told the Daily Telegraph that some may criticise this policy, but asserted that the safety experts in the organisation knew what was best.

While some may point out children have been using balloons and whistles for generations, they "will be safer" nowadays, the official argued.

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