Baby proofing mums-to-be ‘must look after teeth’

Baby proofing mums-to-be who are busy ensuring their homes are secure ahead of giving birth by fitting items such as safety gates must not neglect oral hygiene while pregnant.

This is the advice of Dr Nigel Carter of the British Dental Health Foundation, who noted regular brushing and trips to the dentist are important throughout pregnancy.

"Some women's dental health may need closer attention," he explained, adding hormone changes in the body may result in gums bleeding more easily and becoming inflamed.

Pregnant mums-to-be should seek "advice on caring for [their] teeth at home", he suggested, adding appointments with a dental hygienist can also be beneficial in order to ensure teeth and gums are thoroughly cleaned.

While cleaning teeth, women may want to take the time to check the bathroom for any potential hazards and purchase items such as socket covers for shaving plugs or a child safety lock to keep cupboard doors secure.

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