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Four Things You Should Know Before Buying A Baby Safety Gate

Having a baby around your home is probably the best feeling in the world but at the same time it can also be pretty daunting for parents. Your child’s safety and protection is the most important thing in the world so this means that you need to childproof your home to prevent any potential accidents happening, especially if your toddlers are starting to crawl, walk or run around the house.

If your home has stairs then this means that your baby could be at risk of accidentally falling down them and this is why it is essential to equip your house with baby safety gates  in order to protect your child from not only going down the stairs unsupervised but to also prevent them from going anywhere dangerous in your home.

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Play Pen Safety Tips Every Mum Needs to Know

Every mum knows that play pens are extremely useful. They allow you to let your baby play in a safe space for a few minutes while you get the dinner in the oven or when you just need a few minutes to yourself.

Play pens are perfect for babies that can sit on their own and young toddlers who are always on the go. But, there are some safety precautions you should keep in mind to make sure your child stays safe and sound while spending time in a play pen.

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Choosing the Right Stair Gates

As soon as your baby becomes mobile you need to start thinking about baby-proofing your home. Whilst babies and toddlers should be encouraged to explore their surroundings they are also blissfully unaware of the potential hazards in each room of the house that could lead to injury. Your stairs are a key starting point when baby proofing and this means that stair gates are a must.

We would always recommend that when choosing a gate for the top of a flight of stairs that you opt for a wall mounted model (which attaches to the wall with screws). Wall mounted stair gates have a clear, open walkway without the bottom bar that features on pressure fit gates. This means that when you walk through the open gate there is no potential trip hazard. A wall mounted gate also offers greater strength and stability when compared to a pressure fit gate because it is tightly attached to the wall. However, they do require drilling.

When open a wall mounted stair gate does not have a step over bar, therefore removing any potential trip hazard.

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How to Distract your Child During a Road Trip

As the weather keeps getting warmer family trips find their place in the family routine. And although quality time with your family away from home is the highway to fun and relaxation the......

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