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Baby proofing ‘has to make windows secure’

Socket covers, a child safety lock and safety gates were already present in a Texas home.

However, 30-year-old mother Trina Argo accidentally left a window open in her master bedroom and 18-month-old Charlie crawled out, sustaining minor injuries, McClatchy Newspapers reports.

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Baby proofing suggestions made for driveways

Baby proofing must take place to driveways, it has been said.

Babytalk presenter Penny Johnston wrote on any accident that occurs in this area is "tragically" likely to have been caused by a close friend or family member.

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Child safety lock needed for medicine cabinets?

Baby proofing might be a useful task for parents to perform on medicine cabinets, while a child safety lock could also be a worthwhile addition.

This is because new research undertaken by 12-year-old girls Casey Gittelman and Eleanor Bishop revealed more than a quarter of kindergarten students and around one in five teachers can not tell the difference between common prescription drugs and sweets.

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Baby proofing ‘must consider window cords’

Baby proofing must be performed on windows and cordless opening devices should be used.

This is according to US and Canada-based window coverings company Budget Blinds, which noted many parents neglect this part of the house when making their home toddler proof, which might involve using socket covers and stair gates.

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