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Baby proofing parents ‘spend thousands on products’

Baby proofing mums and dads could spend thousands of pounds on products for their unborn infants, as new research has revealed the average expecting parent forks out £2,980 to cover the cost of extending their family.

The study, conducted by Sainsbury's Finance, showed it is not only socket covers, a playpen and stair gates people need to buy, but also items such as a car seat, pram and toys.

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Baby proofing tips offered to parents with cribs

Keeping cribs away from windows and other hazards such as cords have been included among a set of baby proofing tips.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the US has warned parents that infants are at risk of strangulation, entrapment and suffocation while they sleep in their cots, reports.

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Toddler proof Halloween ‘by staying by kids’ side’

Toddler proof tips for Halloween have been given by one expert, who advises adults stay with young children while they trick or treat.

Sherriff Paul White wrote in the Oak Ridger that parents should accompany their infants and wait with the child by the door or in the driveway.

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Toddler proof car journeys ‘to keep children safe’

Toddler proof car seats must be properly installed to keep children safe, it has been reported.

Kingston EMC News recently released tips for those travelling with infants to help parents ensure youngsters are secure in vehicles.

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