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Baby proofing a trip to the pool ‘can keep kids active’

Baby proofing days out at swimming pools is good for children, one commentator has claimed.

Writing for the Sun, Charlotte Martin advised new parents that infants love being in the water and doing a few strokes could keep them healthy.

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Baby playpen ‘can help with discipline’

A baby playpen can help parents discipline their children gently, rather than resorting to smacking, it has been argued.

An article in 100 Mile House Free Press noted new mums and dads who do not want to punish their children by spanking them have many alternatives at their disposal.

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Could baby proofing include quitting smoking?

Baby proofing homes may not only be a matter of purchasing a child safety gate or door stopper, as research has found quitting smoking could avoid harming children's health.

A study of 13,000 kids conducted at Orebro University in Sweden has found using tobacco in the nine months before an infant is born could affect their motor control and coordination skills.

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Could a bottle steriliser help tired mums?

A bottle steriliser may be used by mothers who prefer to use formula rather than breastfeed – a right one commentator is fighting for.

Writing for the Illawarra Mercury, Keeli Cambourne admitted she considered stopping giving her baby her milk when she became too tired and her body was sore.

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